Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newbie to Blogging

Hey Everyone!
       I created a blog!! (Yes, you can be scared) 
The reason being is so I can keep what I call my virtual public diary (what's the point of writing things that no one will ever read?)  I want to share with everyone things that are happening around me. WELL, this is going to be fun! I will try to update a post once or twice a week, be looking forward to  reading about things that I will be doing in the summer such as traveling, being around my family too much and writing about their quirks or funny things they say, stalking the twilight cast, and I know some of you are interested in knowing more about what the heck i'm doing trying to get into the film world.  Crazy photos, and videos are what I plan to express with besides my already predicted failed attempt with wit.

Feel free to comment here, don't be shy...(but, HERE only! What happens on Val's Blog stays here)

With love and peace,
Val Orta  

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