Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Dauber!

Neighbor of the day 
Today I had this bright idea to go with mom and her friend to bingo...I know, I know, such an old lady thing. I tagged along to waste money because, obviously I'm loaded [YEAH RIGHTT!]. Bingo is one of the most intense things to me, along with Poker, 21, Texas hold'em, ect. (Whattt? I am my mothers daughter after all)
  There are a couple of other reasons though, I'm 99.9% sure I'm dyslexic, throughout half way playing I start to experience numbers floating like some freaky thing from Inception and the little color dauber dots end up everywhere! Literally everywhere, my arms, the table, and sometimes when I start getting too intense it ends up on all my neighbors winkled skin (and I'm not talking about mom). If u really think about it bingo is a really intricate game, it all depends on fate and those small numbered balls. 
   When I need that one number, just one, to win the jackpot, of course by that time i'm chewing off my finger nails, pulling my hair out, and possibly contemplating on stealing my shriveled up neighbor stinky puffer giving me second hand smoke, maybe it would have gave me some luck...... 
Then "BINGO!", and my dreams of how I already planned spending the cash were crushed! By the mean lady shushing me the whole time and making it impossible to see over her hair. 

Overall, I learned a few things. 1. Skip Bingo....FOREVER  2. Don't talk, laugh, or breath when a game has started and lastly  3. Bingo was named after a dog right? (Remember? BINGO was his name-Ohh) I guess I will never understand why people go with their last dollar just depending on colored dots...
Butttt,  all the people are very amusing maybe a little mean and too serious but hey, spending time with my mommy (even when shes marking all of my numbers making me very frustrated) is worth it! Awweeeee..

Till next time,
Valerie Orta

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newbie to Blogging

Hey Everyone!
       I created a blog!! (Yes, you can be scared) 
The reason being is so I can keep what I call my virtual public diary (what's the point of writing things that no one will ever read?)  I want to share with everyone things that are happening around me. WELL, this is going to be fun! I will try to update a post once or twice a week, be looking forward to  reading about things that I will be doing in the summer such as traveling, being around my family too much and writing about their quirks or funny things they say, stalking the twilight cast, and I know some of you are interested in knowing more about what the heck i'm doing trying to get into the film world.  Crazy photos, and videos are what I plan to express with besides my already predicted failed attempt with wit.

Feel free to comment here, don't be shy...(but, HERE only! What happens on Val's Blog stays here)

With love and peace,
Val Orta